EDC 2014-16 Board of Directors

Eight of 12 EDC Board members shown with Executive Director. See dropdown box for more on members, staff and meetings.


Professional ... personalized ... effective, these are all part of the approach we take in working with companies considering locating here ... and in providing ongoing support once they join the community.


We understand the difference between "activity" and real results. We're committed to making positive things happen for the community AND for companies that locate here & the people they employ.


“To promote Jefferson County as a place to locate and expand businesses compatible with preservation of the community’s natural resources; and which enhance the quality of life for the community’s residents.”

our leadership team

The Jefferson County Economic Development Council promotes business expansion and recruitment in Monticello and Jefferson County.  We work with state, federal and local government partners, and the private sector, to foster commercial growth and development in the community. 
The EDC is the point of contact for existing and prospective companies, and site consultants, interested in locating in the area.  We provide the professional services and technical support, as well as knowledge of local conditions, needed to advance projects of all types and sizes.
Jefferson County offers tremendous value to new or expanding businesses.  Our staff’s commitment to the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and customer service will help you take advantage of all our community has to offer.  

Thank you for your interest.  Please visit the rest of our site to learn more about the advantages of doing business in Jefferson County.


Keeping the Wheels of Progress Turning

Since its founding in 1999, the Jefferson County Economic Development Council has been dedicated to improving and promoting the community.  Using teamwork and strategic approaches, the 12-member Board and Executive Director have forged relationships in the economic development community, raised awareness of what Jefferson County has to offer and assisted  businesses in locating and thriving in our county. We also have played an important role in community development for building local assets.

But it hasn’t always been easy.  When severe budget shortfalls forced the County to lay off a quarter of its workers, including the economic development director, then Monticello Mayor Julie Conley volunteered to fill the director position.  Featured in the April, 2004 edition of “Florida Trend” magazine, she noted “What we lack in funds we make up for in passion for making this work”.

With that “get-it-done” attitude, the EDC has since come a long way, with many accomplishments to its name.  Conley remains the Executive Director with a re-organized Board and support from the public and private sectors. The Director role evolved back to a paid position and the County donated office facilities for the EDC’s operations.
Partnering with businesses and other organizations, the EDC is helping to make Jefferson County – and the North Central Region of Florida – a “good place to do business”.

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