Transportation  - Readily accessible to regional transportation network. See map at right of Jefferson County and surrounding southeastern region, with interstates, airports, seaports, majormetro areas, colleges and universities.

Utilities - Water, sewer and energy utilities are readily available throughout the community. Click here for more.

Internet - Affordable high speed Internet access is readily available in Jefferson County.

Industrial Park - Facility in place with site-ready parcels - including water and sewer infrastructure. Publicly owned and readily-accessible to transportation network. Map forthcoming.

Other Infrastructure - The process has begun of exploring ways to turn rail lines through the community and an adjacent gas line into additional assets for economic development.

Natural Resources - Abundant water, land and other natural assets

Incentives - Jefferson County offers incentives for capital investment and job creation. Additionally, the Jefferson County Commission has authority to abate property taxes for qualified capital improvements. Stay tuned for further details about these programs and the criteria for each, and feel free to contact us to see if your business qualifies for a tax abatement.  For further details on local incentives: 

Enterprise Florida, Inc. is the official economic development organization for the state.  Information on state incentives and rural opportunities is available on their Website here

Workforce – Information on Career Source North Florida services forthcoming with link to Labor Market Statistics Center.

Information Resources - A fully equipped library serves residents and businesses of the community.

Community Vision - The community is committed to economic growth and development and we have written proof!  To support our pro-business environment, Jefferson County has adopted a detailed community-wide "Vision ACTION Plan” to implement far-reaching strategies for business and economic development.  Learn how a diverse group of community leaders and stakeholders is turning their ideas into action. For more details: