Our unique historical, cultural and natural resources attract visitors from near and far.  Here are some examples …

Remarkable, prehistoric artifacts recovered from the Aucilla River have attracted worldwide attention and have led scholars, historians and scientists to convene in Jefferson County on a regular basis for the “First Floridians – First Americans Conference”.www.firstfloridiansconference.com 

Scientific replicas of mammoths, mastodons and other animals, as well as an accumulation of ancient tools from the Aucilla, are showcased in the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

The January, 2015, edition of “National Geographic” magazine featured the Page-Ladson site, ca 14,000, as one of the ten most significant in the world for the study of early human settlement in the Western Hemisphere. 

The Monticello Opera House, built in 1890 and occupying a city block on the Courthouse Square, is a popular venue for theatre productions, dance and musical performances and community events.To learn more about this community landmark – its history and current calendar of events, visit www.monticellooperahouse.org.

Jefferson County’s Heritage Roads Program, its miles of scenic highways and back country roads – plus the amenities offered in Downtown Monticello – attract thousands of bicyclists annually.The Monticello-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its inaugural and highly successful Bike Fest with more such events planned.

Learn more here … www.heritageroadsjeffersoncountyfl.com

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