Jefferson County is an historic community located in the heart of North Florida.  Residents and business owners have chosen to make it home for the lifestyle and business opportunities it offers.  Our residents enjoy rural living AND easy access to the “big city” amenities offered by Tallahassee, the nearby state capitol. 
Monticello is the county seat and is well known for its historic homes and buildings.  The downtown area is designated a National Historic District, and many homes and other structures throughout the community are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Significant archaeological discoveries have been made in Jefferson County, which shed new light on who the first Americans were and the path they took to arrive in the Western Hemisphere.  Monticello hosts an annual “First Floridians – First Americans Conference” of scientists and scholars from around the country and research is ongoing in several areas of the County. Pre-history fossils of international significance have also been found in our Aucilla River.

Abundant natural features, including lakes and rivers, First Magnitude springs and forests, provide opportunities for outdoor activities.  An in-town, 26-acre ecological park, with trails and an elevated boardwalk, provides a magnificent experience in biodiversity.  You should see it!

The County recently designated a 4-loop Heritage Road System, consisting of four distinct trails all beginning and ending in Monticello.  Hundreds of bicyclists from across the Southeast are attracted to these and other scenic rides, making the community a true destination for cyclists.

Jefferson County’s major employers are in the agri-business, healthcare and public sectors. Others include transportation, light manufacturing, financial services and retail.   Our local labor force is approximately 5,000, and our geographic location draws employees from several surrounding counties, including some in Georgia.

The qualities you consider when choosing a place to live are the same ones that make good sense for your business:  A safe, clean environment, access to health care, employees with a good work ethic, affordable housing and the support of good neighbors.  You’ll find all that – and more – in Jefferson County.  Check us out!

About the Community