Companies of all sorts and sizes find success in Jefferson County.  Currently featured are:

  • A manufacturer who expanded his business into Jefferson County and continues to add new products and services; and
  • An agri-business established over 100 years ago that’s still going strong.

Check back again soon as we feature more businesses that have chosen Jefferson County.


VizCO-US, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of condensate sensors and pans for the HVAC industry.  Through innovation and leadership, several new brands have recently been introduced, adding to the already-impressive lines of high quality products.  Further proof of their innovation and forward thinking can be seen at the Monticello facility, with the newly installed, onsite solar farm. 


                             Extrusion line at Monticello, Florida facility

 Simpson Nurseries

Simpson Nurseries, Inc. is a leading producer of trees and shrubs in the United States.  Their 100-plus year history of success in Jefferson County is a result of their innovative ideas and approaches and our strategic location and climate.  Simpson Nurseries is also committed to sound environmental practices and partners with the public sector to use reclaimed water for irrigation. 

Success Stories