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With the right telecommunications equipment and a good transportation system, companies can do business almost anywhere.  They can work where they want to live – not live where they have to work.

We’re known for our natural, cultural and historic resources – lakes, rivers and springs, National Historic District, important archeological discoveries, canopied roads - and more.  And people come here to enjoy a quiet, laid back lifestyle.  But professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, industries and progressive farmers are also being drawn to our community because ...

we’ve figured out the right balance

between protection of our natural, cultural and historic resources

and fostering growth, development and job creation.

Jefferson County is located in the North Central Region of Florida, a quickly emerging area of opportunity for business and industry in Florida.  Our competitively priced land, abundance of natural resources and access to major highway systems, create advantages, particularly for our targeted industry clusters of transportation logistics and distribution, agribusiness, food processing and tourism. 

Our strategic location –

  • Minutes from Tallahassee, the state’s capitol

  • At the intersection of major transportation corridors

  • Close proximity to airports, seaports and other business resources

  • Between Florida’s two flagship universities

  • At the center of a large, diverse and dynamic workforce

-- provides a real advantage.  Our business-friendly attitude and commitment to helping you start or grow your business are more reasons for choosing Jefferson County.

If an excellent highway system, abundant water and timber resources, interstate interchange access and a good work ethic are important to your business success, Jefferson County is could be just the right fit for you.  Add to that the close proximity of Tallahassee, the state capitol, with strategic business resources including colleges and universities and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, passenger and cargo air service minutes away and two deep water seaports within a 200 mile radius -- and you’re ready for business

Why locate here